A 28 Year Old DJ From The Bronx Who Has Rocked The Party Since The Late 80s.Well Known For DMC Turntablism And Coming Up With Some Of The Most Outstanding & Creative Mixes Ever To Come Out.Currently On 4 Flight Radio On Rapstation.Com Everyday Thursdays - Thru Sundays.Live Uptown In The Bronx Every Week @ Moodies Records.
"Music Iz My Life"
Every Pic Iz Worth A 1000 Wordz #4FLIGHT

Throw Back Blendz R&B Style With A Uptown Twist

New Blend God Remix Open Letter Twist Up Come Thru For That New Heat

New Blend God Reggae Remix Come Threw It’s Almost Summer & U Kno I Got Them New Blendz

2013 Blend God Remix Mario Winans

House Blend God Remix Of Pop That 4 My White Crowd They Lovin The Reggae Remix Heavy Still

New Blend Remixes Come Thru & Download J Dilla Blend Tape Coming Soon

New Tamar Braxton Blend God Remix Come Get Ya Copy Im Ridin Roud 2 This Shoutz 2 My Blend God Dj’s

New R&B Blend Bangers Up From The Blend God # 1

New R&B Blend Remixes Up Come Thru Somethin” New Like Always

Baby Girl On Her Way 2 Ballet Skool

Studio Flo Young Custom Nino Good Afternoon (Taken with Instagram)

U See my DJs Eat Good Always @ The Undisputed Sports Bar & Grill (Taken with Instagram)

Hookas On Deck Outside View #4FlightParties #UndisputedSB (Taken with Instagram)

Hooka Flo With My Manager @iamddiamond (Taken with Instagram)

Me and My Camera Man Gazoo (Taken with Instagram)

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